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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sauna Pants

sauna pantsSAUNA PANTS
Untuk membakar lemak2 di perut serta sangat disarankan untuk ibu2 yang baru bersalin... seolah2 anda berTANGAS.

1 unit RM80.00 satu + rm10 pos (SM)
10 unit RM60.00 satu + rm25 pos (SM)
20 unit RM50 .00 satu + rm40 pos (SM)
DROPSHIP: RM65 + rm10 pos (SM)
Product Description:
*Adjustable to fit waist from 28�-52� and thighs from 12�-26�
*The Sauna Pants will automatically stop after 50 minutes usage.
*Maximum temperature 70 degree. When the temperature reach 30 to 50 degree, the energy will infiltrate into 4cm to 7cm deep of the muscles and skin.
*Fully dissolve the surplus grease to achieve the purpose of keeping your body slim and beautify your skin.
*Beautify the skin
*Burn fats around the tummy and tighten the stomach
*Reshape the body and buttock in a safe and natural way
*Reduce pain in body parts, nerve system, muscles, bones, etc.
*Relief stress and relaxing the muscles
*Increase cardiovascular system and body immunization
*Flush out toxins in the body such as aluminum, cadmium, mercury and lead.
*Increase body metabolism and speed up blood flow.
*To break excessive fats into smaller pieces, reduce heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure and anti-aging.
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